3D Running social enterprise is raising a new generation of ambassadors for the 2030 Agenda!

16.02.2023 / Moldova

An innovative concept in the Republic of Moldova, which emerged at the intersection of civic activism and passion for sports.


3D Running is a social enterprise on a mission to bring the Sustainable Development Goals to the attention of young people in Moldova and place the country on the map of Agenda 2030 ambassadors.



3D Running is a 3D printing studio that offers custom sustainable trophies and medals from eco-friendly materials. 


The profit of the enterprise is reinvested in campaigns and marathons to raise awareness of youth social issues and create an inclusive work environment.


Through the events organized mainly in rural areas, the social entrepreneur Alexei Pianîh aims to involve young people in the community, offer them a non-formal learning environment and increase their resilience.


Akexei received support from  the European Union, within the EU4Youth Social Innovation project - a strategic partnership! project, which offered young people from Moldova and Ukraine opportunities for training, financing and mentoring in social entrepreneurship. The value of the grant that allowed him to establish the social enterprise was €7.500.


The income from selling the 3D Running medals will have a direct impact on a better life for youth in Moldova.






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