EU4Youth SkillUp Your Future Awards 2022 (Supported by EY)

01.02.2022 / Moldova
In 2022 EU4Youth programme is opening its doors to the new edition of the EU4Youth SkillUp Your Future programme! The programme is offering tailor-made individual counselling by EY professionals for a selection of EU4Youth programme participants and graduates to further grow your skills or boost your business ideas. 

We therefore invite you to participate in the programme and submit your application before 20 February!

What is EU4Youth SkillUp Your Future programme about?

The programme gives a chance for EU4Youth graduates to participate in the individual mentorship programme and work with professional EY mentors and experts in a number of fields.

As an applicant, you can choose between two directions of individual mentorship:
     -    development of personal skills, 
     -    development of entrepreneurial skills,
     -    …or suggest another field of your interest.

How to submit your application?

To participate in the programme please submit your application on this platform.

In your application you will be asked to share your basic personal information and write a short motivation letter. In your motivation letter you will be asked to briefly explain what kind of mentorship you are willing to receive (development of personal skills or entrepreneurial skills), why this particular topic is interesting for you, and how this new knowledge will help you in your future personal and professional development.

The applications are open in English, Belarusian, Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian and Romanian languages. Please note, the number of places for English-speaking mentors is bigger, so if you feel comfortable with receiving mentorship in English, we encourage you to apply for the English-speaking mentorship to increase your chances to participate in the programme.

The applications are open till 20 February. The selection will be done on a rolling basis – the earlier your application comes, the bigger is the chance to get a ‘match’ with the mentor.

The special awards will be provided by EY, which implements EU4Youth Coordination and Support project. Through EY Ripples , EY people use their skills to help young people and underserved groups to succeed by conveying knowledge related to entrepreneurship, adaptability,  financial literacy and other 21st-century skills. Discover more.

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