Key milestones and achievements in the first 24 months of the EU4Youth project

09.05.2022 / Moldova

As we reflect on our 24 months of the EU4Youth project, here is the short story on key achievements:

Enhancing recognition of the social economy and its potential for youth

More than 1,000 young people took part in the information campaigns on social entrepreneurship organized in schools from Moldova and Odessa region, Ukraine.

The launch of the first interactive map of social enterprises from Romania – Moldova-Ukraine and have established 4 social innovation labs.

1,242 persons registered for the Enterprising for Tomorrow - Social Entrepreneurship & Youth Engagement Conference, held on May 13. The online event brought together 28 speakers, 25 national and international partners and 600+ Zoom participants from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and other EU countries.

Advocacy and improving framework conditions

We have contributed to development of the National Program for Financing Social Enterprises and the National Plan for the development of Social Entrepreneurship Sector in Republic of Moldova. Both documents are awaiting final approval.

Capacity building activities

Almost 100 representatives of the public authorities took part in the social Entrepreneurship workshops and study visits organized in Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.


Social entrepreneurship trainings and study visits for youth

197 youth from Moldova and the southern region of Ukraine, attended the Social Entrepreneurship training. 60 of them have made a study visit at social enterprises in Romania.



Acces to funding

8 young have been selected to receive a grant of 7,500 euro to establish a social enterprise (5 from Moldova and 3 from Ukraine).

Through the competition "Accelerator of Social Enterprises", 5 young people from Moldova have received a grant of 7,500 euro to establish a social enterprise. Due to the war in Ukraine 2 out the 3 youth selected to receive a grant will no longer be able to carry on with the project and refused the funding.



Thank you for taking your time to celebrate these achievements with us!


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