OECD Report: Unlocking the potential of youth-led social enterprises (2022)

23.11.2022 / Romania

Unlocking the Potential of Youth-Led Social Enterprises is a new report from the OECD, which looks more closely at challenges and opportunities for social economic enterprises led by young people, asseses their potential in relation to solving societal problems and offer policy guidance on how politicians can support these enterprises. The report was published on 9 November 2022.



Youth-led social enterprises can address pressing social and environmental issues while providing young people with employment opportunities. But they face 4 main challenges: 

➡️ Access to knowledge and skills 

➡️ Access to funding 

➡️ Navigating legal frameworks 

➡️ Low visibility 


How can policy makers support youth-led social enterprises and address the main challenges they face?


Learn more in the new report from the OECD and the European Union: https://oe.cd/youthsocialenterprises

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