Reinvent - the first Upcycling studio in Moldova!

03.02.2023 / Moldova

Reinvent was created with the desire to find a solution to save and and recycle the many good things that often end up in the trash. It is a place where creative reinventors stir their imagination and give a fabulous new life to an old object.


The first upcycling studio from the Republic of Moldova was founded by Romanița Alexeev, a young woman from Chisinau, who launched this social venture after participating in the EU4Youth – Social Innovation Impact project financed by the European Union. 


After completing a social entrepreneurship training she applied in the Accelerator of Social Enterprises competiton and won a grant of 7.500. 


Reinvent is a social enterprise, which means that compared to a classic enterprise, it was founded with the mission of bringing change for the better, and the profit is the tool by which this change is possible.


"Having a legal status of social enterprise is a guarantee for me that in carrying out my entrepreneurial activity I will not deviate from the principles and human values ​​that are extremely important to me and that are at the core of social entrepreneurship. For me, the idea of ​​working to generate 'good' in the world makes me happy, motivates me, and basically gives meaning to my life." - Romanița Alexeev.




Reinvent is a place created with care for people, nature and animals, where we are invited to discover the joy that comes from the creative transformation of used objects.



Tires that become colorful pet beds, old furniture and decorations that turn into unique pieces, jackets that turn into eco-chic bags, cans that become spectacular decorations or practical tools. These are just some of the examples by which Reinvent helps its customers to save money, enjoy a different kind of "new" and have a sustainable lifestyle.





Visit Reinvent online or schedule a visit here:

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