Tamara Andrieș – a young girl with cerebral paralysis, who held a speech at a Conference in New York, is getting ready to launch a social business

16.07.2021 / Moldova

Tamara Andrieș is one of the participants in our training is social entrepreneurship. We had the opportunity to discover her story during the practical training, which took place between July 1 and 4, in the Republic of Moldova, at a location in Vadul lui Voda. She captivated us with her serenity and smile and was a real inspiration for us and the other participants.


She came to the training with a clear goal - to learn how to make a business plan for her idea and to win the funding offered in the “Social Enterprises Accelerator” Competition.



Tamara is living in Ilenuța, Fălești, she is 27 years ld and is preparing to launch a social business in the production of personalized textile bags. For her, that would mean a job and an independent life. Another desire is that through this business to create jobs for other people with disabilities.


Tamara came to the training accompanied by her mother - Adela, a special lady, who besides caring for her family and working as a nurse, managed to always be with her daughter, to get involved in her growth. The young woman admits having found strength in the unconditional support from the family, and her message for parents who face similar difficulties is "to fight to the end for their child, to have patience".


Tamara is suffering from cerebral paralysis, but this did not stop her from going all the way to the United States, in New York, where she held a speech on the inclusion of women with disabilities. In 2016, as a member of the Self-Representation Group, together with a support person, she attended the Clinton Global Initiative National Conference, through a project carried out by the Keystone Moldova Association. She fondly remembers that unique experience. She visited the Statue of Liberty, was overwhelmed by appreciations, gifts and discovered a beautiful attitude towards people with disabilities. A few years later she had the opportunity to visit a European country - the visit to the Czech Republic was another occasion of joy and hope. Her speech is absolutely extraordinary! You must see it, because it is full of inspirational thoughts!


Tamara's Speech at the Clinton Global Initiative National Conference, 2016, New York


Tamara’s childhood 


We learned she had a beautiful and at the same time difficult childhood because she spent a lot of time in medical centers. She couldn’t walk on her own until she was five. From the age of five and a half to the age of seven, he followed the Step by Step Program within the Special School from Ialoveni. 


Mrs. Adela remembers Tamara as an obedient, optimistic, responsible child, with a great desire to overcome her illness. She always liked to try new experiences and activities. She is pampered by the family. She was the center of everyone’s attention, and the fact that she had an older brother made her always feel protected. In fact, playing with her brother is one of the most cherished moments of her childhood. She also fondly remembers her birthday surprises from her childhood - the biggest one was when she received a computer for her birthday. It happened 13 years ago, in 2008.


Adela Andrieș, Tamara’s mother: "Nothing was impossible to her and she wanted to try even the things which seemed very difficult to do”. 


Tamara graduated the compulsory educational cycle of 9 classes. During her studies at the Vocational School no. 5 from Bălți she lived in a dorm-house on her own, a real challenge for her and at the same time a moment of great responsibility, independence. An opportunity that gave her confidence in her own strength, from which she learned that she can do many of the things that even those without health problems do.


“When I was a little girl, I focused on my disability, but when I grew up and started going to school, I understood I can do many of the things that healthy people won’t even try”


The lack of a workplace – the biggest problem Tamara is facing 


At 27, Tamara is a responsible adult who has maintained her optimism and childhood joy. She is very neat and hardworking, she enthusiastically accepts challenges, even if she moves with difficulty. She is a real support for her parents, who come home from work and find their home beautifully arranged.


Tamara wants a job - she wants to be independent and she doesn't want to stay home anymore. Moreover, she wants to create jobs for people with disabilities. She has been trying for a long time to find a job, but has not succeeded so far. For this reason, the social entrepreneurship course represents an extraordinary opportunity for her.


She is very hardworking and admits that, although she moves with difficulty, she will always end her tasks successfully. 


“I am very patient, responsible and I am willing to work extra hours in order to finish what I have to finish”. 


Tamara is a true leader and by participating in our training she represents all her colleagues from the Self-Representation Group from Falesti


Tamara's life changed a lot since 2014, when she was guided by the local public authorities to the Self-Representation Group in Falesti. There she was appreciated and praised. She gets involved in advocacy activities in the field of accessibility, participates in flashmobs and various events. She says that now the world looks at them differently.


"If at first people would not accept even our smallest tokens of our appreciation and would ignore us, now, several years later, we are feeling appreciated and accepted. If we don’t try to change things, someone else won't do it. " - Tamara confesses, with serenity!


The good results and the small victories she had over time have given Tamara confidence that she is competent and can fulfill her desires. Moreover, she saw she can do well many things that others without problems are not motivated to do. At one point, her desire was to buy a bicycle to exercise at home. With the money she received as a birthday present, she managed to achieve this dream.


"I continued because I saw that there are good results."


What are your difficulties at this moment? 

My biggest problem is that I don't have a job. I want to open my own business and involve more people to work. I also have several accessibility issues, but when I ask for help, people around me help me.


What would you like the others to know about you? 

That I am powerful, brave, optimistic. If I want to do something, I will succeed! 


What’s your superpower?

My optimism. There is also the fear I will not be able to manage things. I try. Each result encourages me to do more. If I don’t do it, then no one else will do it for me. 


What do the others appreciate in you?

That I am powerful, that they can talk to me easily. 


Your biggest dream

To lead an independent life and to improve my health. 


The biggest joy 

I think I am going to write a business plan and I will obtain the grant promised through the competition on the project. 


Having met Tamara and her mother is a life lesson and we will treasure the beautiful emotions we felt during the encounter. Tamara is a living example that the strength with which you believe in your dreams and the ability to visualize them empowers them to come true. And this law of the universe works for everyone!

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