The Observatory of Social economy – the Social Impact of Social Enterprises in Romania

07.07.2021 / Romania

The Observatory of social economy is an instrument created within the EU4Youth - Social Innovation Impact - a strategic partnership! Project through which we will annually collect information from the sector and will present the social and economic impact of social enterprises. 


In May 2021, at the Social Entrepreneurship conference - Enterprising for tomorrow, we launched the first edition of the Social Economy Barometer in Romania - a research report on the sector. The report is based on official statistics, available until 30 March 2021, and on the results of a survey of 195 social economy entities. The research was conducted by Ancuța Vameșu, social economy expert & president of RISE Romania and was coordinated by Angela Achiței, president of the “Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation.

General view of social economy in Romania, 2021 edition – Infographic 




The contribution of social economy to workforce integration 

  • Many social economy enterprises integrate people from vulnerable groups into work without being accredited as social enterprises or certified as work integration social enterprises. Of the respondents who integrated and employed people from vulnerable groups, only 45% were certified as social enterprises and only 19% were certified as work integration social enterprises. Less than one in 5 social economy enterprises that are involved in the integration of vulnerable groups in their work chooses to certify themselves as a work integration social enterprise. Many of them are only certified as social enterprises or have other accreditations.
  • Job integration is also done by accredited companies as providers of social and employment services.
  • Among social economy enterprises that make integrate people from groups at risk there are also authorized protected units. Although over 30 companies employed people with disabilities, only 2 were authorized as protected units - probably due to legislative changes in the last 2 years to the regime of protected units.

The Social Economy Observatory in the Republic of Moldova 

In the second half of the year 2021 we will begin gathering data in the field of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova and will develop similar research. We estimate to publish the research report by the end of the year 2021.


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