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Accelerator of Social Enterprises Competition
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Accelerator of Social Enterprises Competition


Results: Stage II

The Accelerator of Social Enterprises competition has passed the second evaluation phase!

9 young people from the Republic of Moldova and 4 young people from Ukraine have submitted the business plan. Of these, on February 15, 8 young people from Moldova and 3 from Ukraine have participated in the final stage - the live pitch.

These are the results of the evaluation:


FINAL results - Republic of Moldova


No. Registration Number Score (phase 1 and 2)  Status Details Pitch score  Final score (70%phase 1&2 + 30%pitch)   Grant approved
1 01/CH/18.11.2021 72,5 Approved   72,5  72,5   YES
2 02/CH/25.11.2021 74 Approved   72,5 73,5 YES
  03/CH/25.11.2021 72 Approved   67.5 70,65 YES
3 05/CH/28.11.2021 81 Approved   73.75 78,83 YES
4 07/CH/30.11.2021 87 Approved   92,5 88,65 YES
5 08/CT/30.11.2021 N/A Rejected Business plan not completed. The application was rejected at the administrative compliance stage. - - -
6 09/CT/30.11.2021 60 Approved   71,25 63,38 On the reserve list*
7 11/CT/30.11.2021 N/A Rejected The business plan has incomplete sections and the CV of the shareholder is missing. - - -
8 12/CT/30.11.2021 60 Approved On the reserve list  61,25 60,38  On the reserve list* 
9 13/CT/30.11.2021 52 Approved On the reserve list  78,75  60,03 On the reserve list* 

*If an applicant withdraws from the competition, the first person on the reserve list will be awarded with the grant.

FINAL results - Ukraine

No. Registration Number Score (phase 1 and 2) Status Details Pitch score
Final score (70%phase 1&2 +30%pitch)
Grant approved
1 01/IZ/27.11.2021 83 Approved    83,75 83,23  YES 
2 07/IZ/30.11.2021 94 Approved   83,75 90,93 YES
3 08/IZ/30.11.2021 N/A Rejected Misssing annexes: 3,4,6 - - -
4 09/IZ/30.11.2021 91 Approved   83,75 88,83 YES


Together with the young people who chose to participate in our program, we had the opportunity to discover that the idea of ​​social entrepreneurship is necessary in the community and at the same time can be a viable tool for young people with leadership skills. Performance and professional success is closely linked to the ambition to contribute to change. An ambition that comes from one's own value system, and probably for some cannot be explained pragmatically. It is simply an inner motivation to do good. The joy of others, the magnitude of the change you produce through the skill and knowledge youhave - these are some of the motivations of social entrepreneurs and the rewards they expect. And we are very happy that this project has given us the opportunity to meet many such young people from Rep. Moldova and Ukraine!

Congratulations to all the young people who had the courage to participate! We hope that the ideas that have been selected for funding will become sustainable startups, will have a positive impact in the community and will contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship in the region!


€7,500 grants for 8 social enterprises: 5 in the Republic of Moldova and 3 in Ukraine | Free coaching and mentoring
Join the community of visionary young people who aspire to bring change to their communities!

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Here's what you need to know about the Social Accelerator competition

Who can participate in the competition?

All young people who complete the social entrepreneurship course, organized within this project and who have a business plan for an idea with a social impact.

Competition stages

1. Submission of the conceptual note: November 31, 2021

2. Submission of the business plan: December 31, 2021

3. Presentation of the business plan (pitch): February 15, 2021

4. Publication of the winners: March 1, 2022

Reasons to participate in the competition

You will learn what it means to prepare and make a picth. You will exceed your limits and at the end of the whole experience you have the chance to get financing for your start in business.


Free mentoring

At the Social Innovation Lab you will receive free mentoring and thus increase your chances of a succesful implementation of the business plan.


Business Coaching

Free business coaching sessions.

Extended training

At the Social Innovation Lab you will improve your business skills through various trainings, offered at no costs.

Competition Calendar

Here are the stages of the competition



Official launch of Social Accelerator Award






Contract signing



Submission of the business plan



Announcing evaluation results - phase 1 and phase 2



Live pitch, final evaluation



Announcing the final results of the competition


02.03.2022 - 02.03.2023

Implementation and Mentorship

Competition Jury

Here is the team of specialists who will evaluate the business plans!

Signing the grant agreement

Within the Social Accelerator Competition we will award grants for 8 business plans (5 from Republic of Moldova and 3 from). The value of each grant is of €7500 Euro.

  • Fast and transparent evaluation
  • Easy submittion business plans by email
  • Live presentation of the business idea - online pitch
Promotion of the social enterprises

The social enterprises will be included in the interactive map of social enterprises. They will be connected to specialized platforms in the field, both in Romania and in the EU, and will be supportes to become members of business platforms, NGOs, cooperatives.

Coaching and mentoring

Free assistance for setting up a legal entity (NGO, LTD). Advice on accessing alternative sources of financing for business: European projects, lending, crowdfunding, Business Angels, etc.

Individual counseling

Personalized support, provided by experts monitoring the implementation of business plans, by phone, email and visits to the place of implementation of the business plan.

4 Social Innovation Labs

You will have continuous access to training, information and consulting services for the development of your project. You will receive support for innovation activities, exchanges of good practices, networking opportunities, etc.

Accelerator of Social Enterprises Competition

The methodology for selecting the winning plans will be communicated to the participants by email.  From the Resources section, it will be possible to download all the documents in editable format. It will be easy for you to put your ideas in order and then convince the jury that your can be one of the 8 Social Entrepreneurs selected for funding! 

We look forward to your idea of ​​a social business - good for people, for the environment and for the community, and we wish you A LOT OF SUCCESS and A LOT OF INSPIRATION!


What else would you like to know?

We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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