Youth NGO "New Generation of Europe"  was established in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, youth and children's public organizations consists of the Constitution of Ukraine (254k / 96-VR), the Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations" (№2460-ХП), the Law "On Youth and Children's Public Organizations" (№281-XIV) and other current regulations. It is a voluntary public association, an independent non-governmental district youth organization.

The purpose of the organization is the promotion of comprehensive youth development, coordination of youth interaction with local authorities, non-governmental organizations, integration of youth into the European Youth International Movement, and implementation of programs, individual projects, including in the field of cross-border cooperation.


The objectives of the organization are:

  • intensification of public activity of young people, their involvement in the development of the rule of law of Ukraine, the formation of civil society in Ukraine;
  • promoting the creation of conditions for self-determination, self-organization, self-realization, self-development of young people and their involvement in all processes of society development;
  • representation of the interests of the youth of Ukraine in relations with state bodies of all branches of government;
  • lobbying for consideration of issues relevant to Ukrainian youth by public authorities and taking into account the interests of young people in the decision-making process, involving young people in the development of comprehensive youth support programs;
  • establishing contacts, exchanging information, providing support to young people, establishing contacts with state and public foreign and international organizations;
  • assistance in training personnel for work in youth and children's organizations, training of youth leaders and activists;

Work with young people to implement the principles set out in the above points will be carried out by:

  • Development and implementation of cycles of conversations, discussions, campaigns, actions on various issues;
  • Involvement of young people in pilot, model and applied projects related to cross-border cooperation in all areas of activity.
  • Other means of popularization of knowledge and education that meet the principles of pedagogical and psychological training of young people in transition.


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