4 November 2021

3 hours of live broadcast! Visiting the home of 10 social entrepreneurs!

Virtual study visit at 10 social enterprises that have been created woth the support of ADV Romania Foundation! Discover the people and projects that are transforming our communities!


Angela Achiței

Antreprenor social & Președinte ADV România

Lucian Butnaru

Fondator Cofeels

Mihai Stoica

Co-fondator Humans AntiCafe

Ion Georgescu

Fondator Moara de Hârtie Social

Ioana Cerescu

Fondator AER – Piața Altfel

Viorica llici

Fondator ADIR

Elena Potur

Fondator La Timp

Roxana Damaschin

Fondator Oil Right

Codruț-Bogdan Gîrboan

Fondator Bricked - Saved bricks of Transilvania

Liviu Negelschi

Fondator Izocel Prodinstal

Mădălina Sauciuc

Co-manager UtilDeco

Irina Isăcilă

Co-manager UtilDeco

Ramona Marian

Manager JobDirect

Adelina Crețu


Event Agenda

4 November, 13:00 to 16:00

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Event concept

Live broadcast from the three social enterprises created by ADV Romania. Interviews with Angela Achiței - the social entrepreneur who founded the three enterprises and with nine social entrepreneurs who set up social enterprises within the program developed by ADV - the Accelerator of Social Enterprises.

  • Participate in a unique study visit

    Get behind the scenes of ADV Romania

    Find out the story of 10 social entrepreneurs

    Get inspired by 13 social enterprise models

    Find out what the social economy means


Backstage work

Stories behind the scenes


Enterprising for Tomorrow: Social Entrepreneurship & Youth Engagement Conference

May 13, 2022 | Free online registration


What do those who have visited us say ?

"I was impressed by the evolution of UtilDeco from the idea stage, a few years ago, to that of a truly effective protected unit, being at the same time a model for the way in which it involves beneficiaries - people from vulnerable groups, in various activities, putting They value their talent and dedication! It is possible! The Foundation Together with You through UtilDeco shows that it is also possible in Romania! in the Capital but also in other places in the country! " - Violeta Alexandru, during a visit to UtilDeco, in 2016, during her term as Minister for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue


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