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Social Entrepreneurship Free Training

Social entrepreneurship is a growing global movement. 10% of European Union affairs are social affairs, employing over 13.6 million people, ie 6.3% of employees in the Union! Compared to the classic business, social affairs are oriented towards society, environment and people, hence the interest of the European Commission and many European states to bring this topic on the public agenda and create a favorable development framework.

Social entrepreneurship is recognized as a hybrid model that combines economic performance or profit with the passion and compassion needed to create a fairer and better world. Social entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ways to solve community problems. They are visionary leaders who want to bring about positive change in society.

We are selecting 100 young people, aged between 18 and 34, to participate in the free Social Entrepreneurship course. Selection period April 13 - 25.
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6 Reasons to participate in the social entrepreneurship course

You become a social entrepreneur

You learn how to grow your own business with a beneficial impact on the community! You become a changemaker and a community leader!

You learn from the best

You learn from those who contributed to the adoption of the Law of Social Economy in Romania.

Hybrid format

3 days interactive courses in online format + 4 days of intensive practice, in physical format.

It's free

Training, funding and mentoring in implementing the business plan are free. All costs for transport, accommodation and meals are covered.

Social Accelerator Award

After completing the course you will be able to participate in the financing competition - Accelerator of Social Enterprises. 5 young people from Moldova and 3 from Ukraine will each obtain a funding of 7,500 euros.

Apply for ODIMM funding programs

Course participants can also apply for funding provided by ODIMM through the National Funding and Mentoring Program for Social Entrepreneurship.

Course Timetable

These are the stages of the training activities


13.04.2021 - 30.08. 2021

Selection of participants from Republic of Moldova


26.04.2021 - 28.04.2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course - R. MOLDOVA, Theoretical Module (online)


9 - 11 Iunie 2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course - R. MOLDOVA, Theoretical Module (online)


01.07.2021 - 04.07.2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course, Practical Module - Group I


01.07.2021 - 21.07.2021

Selection of participants from Ukraine


26.07.2021 - 30.07.2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course - UKRAINE, Theoretical Module


08.09 - 10.09.2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course - R. MOLDOVA, Theoretical Module (online)


23.09.2021 - 25.09.2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course - UKRAINE, Practical Module (Izmail)


25.10 - 28.10.2021

Social Entrepreneurship Course - R.MOLDOVA, Practical Module - Group II



Official launch of Social Accelerator Award


One course, 2 modules, 40 hours with 9 different trainers!


Because we want you to learn every aspect of a social business from specialists who have relevant experience. Thus, you will learn what a social business means from the experts who contributed to the adoption of the Social Economy Law in Romania and to the drafting of the National Programme for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova.

You will learn what social innovation means, how to set up a social enterprise, how to manage the budget of a business, how to lead high-performing teams, how to develop high-performance products and services, how to enter the market and how to promote, from specialists who work in successful social enterprises and provide specialized consulting for 42 social enterprises in Romania!

Eugenia Popa

HR Manager, ADV Romania

Madălina Sauciuc

Production Manager, UtilDeco Social Enterprise

Ana Drelea

Financial Director, ADV Romania

Diana Vasiliu

Project Manager ADV Romania

Elena Vasiliu

Marketing & Communication Specialist, ADV Romania

Alexandru Popa

Economist, ADV Romania

Elena Sobieski

Manager proiect ADV România

Manuela Iftimoaei

European Program Director at ADV Romania

Irina Isăcilă

Service Manager at UtilDeco Social enterprise

Angela Achiței

President of ADV Romania & EY Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship Vs. Classic entrepreneurship

But what is social entrepreneurship? Simply put, it is the use of innovative business approaches to solve community problems. At the intersection of civic and entrepreneurial spirit, we can find innovative ways to adress societal challenges.

In order to better understand what social entrepreneurship means and how a social entrepreneur differs from the classic entrepreneur, we offer you some case studies and examples of good practices.


1. Attend the course

Enroll in the social entrepreneurship training course and learn how to design a Business Plan for your idea.

2. Participate in the competition

After completing the course you will be able to submit the business plan in the Social Enterprise Accelerator Competition. 5 projects from the Republic of Moldova and 3 projects from Ukraine will obtain a mini-grant of 7,500 euros.

3. Become a social entrepreneur

The winners of the competition will benefit from free consultancy for the legal establishment of the business, they will benefit from mentoring and consultancy for the development of the business. Your success is our goal!

4. Access free resources

Through the four social innovation labs, young social entrepreneurs will have permanent and free access to networking, information and continuous training resources.

Do you have an idea with social impact and want to implement it?

Join the Accelerator of Social Enterprises program and learn how to grow a business that is friendly with people, the environment and the community.

The civic spirit, the energy and the creativity of young people, combined with entrepreneurship and specific skills can create a better future for all of us and for each of us!

Choose to "be the change you want to see in the world!" Choose to be a leader in your community!


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