Azerbaijani Socks

Azerbaijani Socks strives to honor the traditions, cultures and artistry of Azerbaijan by helping preserve the craft of knitted socks. Azerbaijani Socks' vision is to provide fairly paid, flexible employment for women in the rural parts of Azerbaijan. We aim to create unique, handmade, cozy, high quality products that are sold globally


Founder of Azerbaijani Socks - Teresa Hamlin

Teresa came to Azerbaijan as an English teacher and fell in love with the people, the culture and the traditions of Azerbaijan. As friends and tourists came to visit, they expressed an interest in buying local socks. However, finding socks available for sale was not easy because they were mostly given as part of a bride’s dowry. The socks also tended to be scratchy and uncomfortable because the women didn’t have access to quality yarn. Teresa experimented with buying yarn in the city and employing women in rural areas to knit traditional socks. This worked wonderfully. She gave a few of these socks as gifts to people back home in Minnesota. Their enthusiasm for the socks proved that they would be a loved product. Thus, Azerbaijani Socks was born!





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