Bebias (ბებიას)

"Bebias" is a Georgian brand that offers hats and other accessories hand-knitted by grandmothers. "Bebia" was founded on September 7, 2018. The history of "Grandma" is connected with the loving relationship between the founder of the enterprise, Giorgi Nozadze, and his grandmother. The idea came when Giorgi lost his grandmother's knitted hat.


Bebias' social mission is to provide dignified old age for grandmothers. Their daily work is directed towards the main goal - to give back to grandmothers the feeling that their work is still very important for society. As a result, Bebias aims to help grandmothers return to an active life and generate income for as many elderly women in Georgia as possible.



Garments with natural, vibrant colors. 100% natural, 100% eco-friendly.

  • Woold hats for adults and children
  • Wool accesories (shawls, gloves)



Bebias enables grandmothers to live actively at home and earn additional income from their favorite needlework. The brand connects grandmothers and the rest of society, symbolizing the warmest product created through that connection.



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  • Phone: +995577273090
  • Adress: Tbilisi, Georgia
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