NP "EtEcO"

Mission: solution at the local level of regional problems: unemployment, discrimination of socially unprotected groups of the rural population, raising the level of environmental and entrepreneurial culture among the vulnerable segments of the population; ecological educational work, saturation of the market with ecological domestic goods, replenishment of natural resources; environmental protection activities, eco-educational and eco-educational work with the population, creation of a non-traditional segment of the ecological market in Pridnestrovie, introduction of energy- and resource-saving waste-free technologies innovative for our region, fostering social responsibility of business. The main goal of this project is environmentally friendly production aimed at increasing the profitability of local businesses, obtaining new ideas, technologies, directions in the region for doing small business. Preservation of local resources, a prudent attitude to economical and energy-saving technologies, the introduction of these ideas into the minds of citizens and practical life


Address: str.Kurganny, Tiraspol, Transnistria, postal code 3300.

Phone: +37377748748



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