UtilDeco Group

Authorized protected unit and the largest WISE (work integration social enterprise) in Romania. Our portfolio includes: production of textile work equipment; digital printing (advertising materials, standardized); archiving and storing documents; S.S.M. and S.U.; coffee beans, freshly roasted, in the Opya factory.




UtilDeco's mission is to provide customized products and services for companies and organizations that choose to take an active role in transforming communities, who understand that socially responsible procurement can help achieve performance goals while making a positive impact.


Care for the well-being of employees, the environment and the community are central to everything we do.
Honesty and integrity are paramount in our approach to partnerships with suppliers and customers.
We pay close attention to detail in the delivery of our products and services and ensure that what we provide is valuable and useful to customers.


To turn disability into ability. 

Products and services for B2B customers

Since 2008, we've worked with over 500 clients across the country and across industries. Clients who purchase from UtilDeco are companies with more than 50 employees and public authorities in Romania, who can purchase, on a partnership basis, products and services made by people with disabilities employed in UtilDeco's authorised sheltered unit, benefiting from the settlement of costs up to 50% of the minimum gross basic salary for unemployed disabled people.

  • Production of textile work equipment;
  • Digital printing (advertising material, letterpress, volumetric letters, catalogues, brochures, calendars);
  • Physical and electronic archiving and document storage;
  • S.S.M. and S.U. services;
  • Coffee beans, freshly roasted, in the Opya roastery - the latest product available in the UtilDeco portfolio from October 2021. 

As an authorised sheltered unit, the collaboration with UtilDeco allows companies and organisations with more than 50 employees to purchase these products and services at no cost - by deducting them from the payments due for unemployed people with disabilities under Law 448/2006.

On top of that, the additional authorisation as a social enterprise of insertion means that a minimum of 90% of the profit must be reinvested in the social mission. At UtilDeco, we reinvest 100% of our profits in three social projects: Youth Club - Day Centre for young people with disabilities and from vulnerable categories, JobDirect - Recruitment and placement services for people with disabilities on the labour market and UtilDeco - Job creation for people with disabilities.

Social beneficiaries

Our social beneficiaries are people with disabilities, young people leaving the child protection system and young people from vulnerable groups. 

At 2020 level, this is the scale of our social impact:

  • 25 jobs protected (18 disabled and 7 from other vulnerable groups);
  • 30 people with disabilities benefited from career counselling and guidance services, of which 5 were employed;
  • 80 children are currently benefiting from the services and activities of the Day Centre for young people with disabilities and from vulnerable backgrounds;



Address: Str. Bazinelor nr. 5, comuna Miroslava, Iaşi, cod poştal 707316

Phone: +40371780737, +40757110247
E-mail: comenzi@utildeco.ro

Website: www.utildeco.ro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UtilDeco


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