AO ACTIE is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2004 in the city of Cahul, Republic of Moldova.

The main purpose of the Agency for Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration is to contribute to regional development by supporting cross-border cooperation between organizations and institutions in the Republic of Moldova and external partners.

At the same time, ACTIE aims to contribute to economic development in the cross-border region within the "Lower Danube" Euroregion. This is achieved through the specific objectives of the organization:

  • building strong cross-border partnerships to solve common problems;
  • human resources development through training and information;
  • increasing access to the labor market, including for socially vulnerable groups;
  • modernization of local infrastructure;
  • tourism development in the southern region of Moldova;
  • actions that contribute to a better protection of the environment.

ACTIE plays an important role in cross-border cooperation in the region and has a wide network of partners in various fields of interest. The organization enjoys the support of local government, educational institutions and other local and regional actors, a fact already proven by the joint actions and projects carried out so far.

The Agency for Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration has a very good capacity to mobilize volunteers, especially young people, for various actions and initiatives.


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