Public Association - National Platform of Women of Moldova (PNFM) a non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit public association established by the free manifestation of the will of the associated persons in order to jointly achieve the goals determined in the statute.

The mission of the platform is to contribute to increasing the role of women in society and in business, empowering rights and opportunities, to support the growth of women's potential in the field of entrepreneurship and management in the Republic of Moldova.

The organization's goals:

  • to promote and support women entrepreneurs, women with initiative who want to contribute to positive change in their own lives and in the community in which they live;
  • to increase the representation of women in the business environment, in the decision-making and political structures in the country;
  • to increase the number of women in managerial positions;
  • to provide support for the professional and personal development of women;
  • to promote entrepreneurship among women in Moldova;
  • to contribute to women's self-employment and income generation through female entrepreneurship;
  • to strengthen networks of women entrepreneurs to exchange best practices and ideas in business;
  • to contribute to the strengthening of society in solving women's problems;
  • to promote the development of corporate social responsibility towards the country and the community.

Within the project, the partner National Platform of Women of Moldova (PNFM) will set up and manage the Social Innovation Laboratory in Chisinau and will organize a series of events for young people who want to discover the opportunities of social entrepreneurship in Moldova.


  • Iulia Costin, Coordonator proiect P2 (
  • Olesea Vulpe, Coordonator Laborator de Inovare Sociala, Chisinau ( 
  • Daniela Șciurovschi, Coordonator Financiar P2 (


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