JobDirect - social enterprise and the first Job Placement and Workplace Assistance Agency in Romania, specialized in employing people with disabilities on the labour market. It offers assessment, testing, counselling, vocational training, mediation and job placement services and job-coaching for job retention.

JobDirect was founded by ADV Romania Foundation in 2016, based on the belief that the employee with disabilities is a valuable employee, with a potential insufficiently exploited on the labor market.

JobDirect operates at the level of Iasi County, offering people with disabilities and companies a package of direct employment services, but also at the national level, through the online platform 

JobDirect offers a specialized package of recruitment and employment services for people with disabilities to companies in Iasi:

  • job promotion
  • targeted recruitment of people with disabilities
  • application selection and initial interview of candidates
  • candidate assessment
  • preparation of candidate - job matching report
  • accompanying selected candidates to the interview with the employer
  • job assistance after employment
  • HR services
  • occupational health and safety



Address: Str. Bazinelor nr. 5, comuna Miroslava, Iaşi, cod poştal 707316
Phone: +40371780737, int. 4



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