EU4YOUTH Supports Youths from the Republic of Moldova to Become Social Entrepreneurs

20.07.2021 / Moldova

The First Series of Trainees Ended the Training Session in the Field of Social Entrepreneurship 


The “EU4Youth - Social Innovation Impact - A Strategic Partnership!” project, through which we support the growth of social entrepreneurship among young people from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, includes the training of 100 young people in the field of social entrepreneurship who will afterwards be able to submit projects in the “Social Enterprises Accelerator” Competition, through which 5 young people from the Republic of Moldova will each receive a mini-grant of 7.500 Euro to establish a social business. 

During July 1 – 4 2021, we developed the practical session for youths having attended during April 26 – 28 2021, online, the theoretical part of the training. This time, for the practical session, we met in a location in Vadul lui Voda and were able to work directly on preparing the business plan and to offer young people the possibility to interact and connect with other young people with similar values. 

The training was attended by young people of ages between 18 and 34 years – from all regions of Moldova, from rural and urban areas, students in masters’ classes and young professionals in the NGO field, from the local public administration, from learning institutions and from the healthcare field. A very heterogenous group, made up of special people, very beautiful and enthusiastic. Some are joined together by their faith that prosperity can also be achieved at home, by their desire to do something for the good of others – for the community, for the people in need, for nature, for animals. 

Finding this kind of attitude with young people who are confronted with so many difficulties in the Republic of Moldova, discovering their wish to learn new things in order to bring the change to their country – this has been a true revelation for us! 

It has been a session with fantastic energy, proving that young people are the true leaders of change. We were very happy to see that through our project, we have the chance to meet such people, creating contexts for inspiration and growth.    


Social entrepreneurship – an attractive option for young people with a vision to change the world 


The training in the field of social entrepreneurship was also attended by young people from NGOs, professors, with big and beautiful dreams, believing in their power to bring change in society. They came up with creative ideas, they enthusiastically shared their ideas of inspiration to the people around, of the transformations they hope to make.

With some of them, we spent a little more time during breaks of the training session. This is how we learned of Valeriu Cuțebov’s story, a young man who, at just 26 years of age, has gathered so much professional experience as others do in a lifetime. He does many things – entrepreneur in the IT field since 2016, educator and founding member of the Child Dreams Association – a unique educational programme, interactive, having involved more than 1000 children until the present. Valeriu’s dream is to help children from orphanages find their biological families and stay with them.   

"I study a lot every day, I work very hard and try to change the world for the better.” 

Here is what Valeriu had to say about our training in the field of social entrepreneurship:

"It was above expectations! A wonderful and professional team. I send you my sincerest appreciations for your time, for the information and the pleasant emotions I experienced during the Training in Social Entrepreneurship developed during April – June 2021 by the "Alaturi de Voi" Romania Foundation within the project entitled "EU4Youth – Social Innovation Impact – a strategic partnership!", financed by the European Commission. Respectfully, Valeriu Cuțebov, entrepreneur, IT engineer, actor, educator"


The National Programme for the Growth of Social Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova 2021-2025

Mr. Vasile Vulpe, Head of the Economic policies and the Business Environment Department from the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure from the Republic of Moldova, honored us with his presence during the first day of the training and spoke about the country’s vision with respect to the sector. Other than the useful information about opportunities and legal stipulations, Mr. Vasile Vulpe has managed to inspire us with a great speech about the origins of social entrepreneurship at international level, about its benefits for the community, the general motivation in the field of social entrepreneurship. 


Social entrepreneurship – a chance for people with disabilities 


The training in social entrepreneurship was also attended by several young people with disabilities, who impressed us with their stories, their ambition and desire to be able to prove that the difficulties they are confronted with can not be a barrier in their achieving personal and professional success. They are talented, creative and eager to know as much as they can. They came at the training in order to learn about how to become social entrepreneurs and they intend to establish social businesses in different field and impact the entire community.

Discover Tamara’s and Constantin’s stories, two young persons with cerebral paralysis, training to become social entrepreneurs and to create workplaces for their colleagues in the Self-representation group. 




Here are only some of the good thoughts transmitted at the end of the learning experience:


"At the training I obtained a lot of useful information, in a very short period of time. The trainers were very receptive, concise in and flexible in their presentations. The training session has been a wonderful opportunity to acquire knowledge and abilities, to network and be inspired.” - Irina Dimitrașco, master’s student


"The training in social entrepreneurship has been a special experience to me. The trainers ensured a very nice atmosphere from the very beginning. Good vibes are transmitted and it’s wonderful! I felt the entire philosophy of the “Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation. The people I met during the training are very open and beautiful. I particularly liked the way information is transmitted, the ways in which social entrepreneurship was presented “from the inside”. I finished the training with very useful information and friendships created! I am very happy for this!” 


"You are the best! I am very grateful for meeting you!” - Ana Axenti


"Empowering young people to initiate social businesses was successful, ADV Romania’s experience clearly is a source of information and knowledge to us!” - Ana Indoitu, lawyer, manager of a not-for-profit organization.


"You are the best trainers; I learned a lot of useful information from you.” - Zaim Liudmila, certified specialist in the field of esthetics and manual therapies


"It was useful, interesting and the work atmosphere was wonderful!”. - Constantin


"Please continue to cultivate beauty in the world. The energy you are sharing is pure light.” 


"It was a wonderful event, during which I was able to learn new and interesting things about Social Entrepreneurship and to discover new friends. A very big thank you to the organizers – everything was wonderful!” 


"I have a harsh, a very harsh recommendation. Keep offering power, lessons, support, hope and many others. Everything is very well 😊” 


"ADV Romania, in my opinion, is not only a successful foundation which can be seen as a model for many businesses, but also a community of people with high standards and truly humane values. In the Republic of Moldova, we lack examples of modern role models, we generally speak about figures like Stephen the Great of Vlad Tepes. For this reason, I am very happy to be able to interact with ADV Romania’s team and be able to say, in several years, that I personally know the people who brought the change in business and in thinking. The involvement in the accelerator programme allows participants to contribute and to be part of the movement. Thank you!” - Alexei Pianîh, INM head of laboratory, union leader with the CNSM, PhD student UTM & USV


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Next up are the study visit and the competition


During September 23 -24 2021, the participants will be able to attend a study visit in Iasi during which they will be able to visit several social enterprises and to meet social entrepreneurs from different fields. Over 90% of the participants expressed their intent to attend the activity and we are very happy for this. Although not so many people will be able to attend, we will make sure that this happens for all those who expressed their intent to participate in the study visit. 


Another important stage in the project is the “Accelerator of Social Enterprises” Competition, within which will be granted financings of 7.500 Euro for the establishment of 5 social businesses. 



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